Naked women in the shower for your enjoyment!

Mothers, grannies, sisters, wives & daughters of all ages shapes & sizes have been unknowingly filmed naked in the shower!!
We continue to spy on unsuspecting women totally uncovered oblivious that they are revealing their private parts to us!!
Hope you enjoy spying these innocent women who are totally unaware they are being watched by us!!

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  1. Great blog my friend. I love the older women most of all.

    Kind regards,
    Jerry (65)

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  2. I agree i like to see the mature and older women too

  3. Best blog on the internet. Keep up the good work. My favorites are the ones where there is a couple the shower together.
    I also enjoy the tighter bodies of the women in their early 20's.


  4. Those Russian shower vids are superb! All ages, all shapes - and all totally unaware that they are being filmed for our pleasure. Must have been taken with a cam hidden (I would guess)in a sports bag and, of course, it must have been a woman who took them as she seems to arouse no suspicion even when she moves the bag so the camera has a better shot. She even wanders around different parts of the shower rooms in search of victims. I love the grannies best but any woman is interesting to watch when she is unaware of the camera.

  5. I've taken some of these vids and added comments. Imagine you are there "live" watching these women from your hiding place and discussing them with a friend. Have a look and please add your comments.

  6. Thanks for your comments guys! Glad you like to see naked women of all shapes, sizes & ages - just like I do!!

  7. Why you don't develope your site? More often updates and so on :)